Michael Bello

Videogame Composer

Currently based in: Perth, Western Australia


Michael Bello is a young videogame composer with a passion for dynamic story-telling through music. With musical influences ranging in genre from Orchestral to Electronic and Heavy Metal, Michael creates soundscapes of a particularly unique style and personality. Years of study and various collaborations have led to his current projects as an Orchestral and Electronic composer for videogames and the heavy electronic project of “Breach Karma”.

Originally composing for short-films while studying music composition at University, Michael later branched out into electronic music releasing his first single “Solaris” in 2015 under the artist name of “Breach Karma”. In 2016 Michael started work on a Breach Karma LP along with a series of new orchestral projects titled Music Stories.

On his recent project “The Shady Part of Town” Michael composed and produced the music using an entire orchestra through a combination of live and digital recording, utilizing his latest studio hardware to it’s full extent.

Michael specializes in a variety of styles with an emphasis on communicating emotions, including sweeping orchestral scores , fast and technical electronic soundscapes, epic action scores, dramatic and atmospheric scores, and breathtaking adventure scores utilizing both orchestral and modern electronic techniques.